Human Touch

As the world of finance becomes more automated, we abide by the esteemed tradition of keeping the human touch to deliver exceptional service.

We make sure every client, regardless of size, needs and transaction volume, is looked after by a dedicated Relationship Manager.


LANGUAGES – Our multi-cultural team speaks a wide variety of languages, with most of them coming from the north, central and south of Europe


UNRIVALLED SUPPORT – Every client is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager available at your convenience


Manage Multiple Financial Services and Partners in One Place

Manage multiple financial services and partners in one place so you can focus on growing your business instead of resolving avoidable barriers. Our extensive network of financial services partners across the world allows us to offer frictionless cross-border transactions so you can send and receive payments in 39 currencies.

Rest assured, your funds are secure with us because as an electronic money institution (EMI), we protect you through safeguarding.


In 2022, we moved billions of Pounds for our clients


NET PROMOTER SCORE – We surveyed our clients in Feb 2023 and 9 out of 10 said they are very likely to recommend PayAlly to other businesses

Trusted Partner

We understand not all international transfers are the same. This is where our broad experience in entrepreneurship and the intricacies of operating an international business comes to your advantage.

As your trusted partner, we offer you the flexibility to conduct foreign trading seamlessly whilst we take care of the myriad of details involved to move your funds.

Speak to us about joining our exclusive clientele.


CURRENCIES AVAILABLE – hold multiple currencies in a single multicurrency account

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