PayAlly is now a Principal Member of VISA

September, 2023

visa x payally

19 September 2023, London | PayAlly recently joined the esteemed ranks of global financial institutions who are VISA Principal Members.

Visa, the largest card issuer in Ireland and the United Kingdom, with market shares of over 80 percent in both countries, will boost PayAlly’s payments solutions. “This great milestone will allow us to give our clients more options,” PayAlly Founder and CEO Rafal Andzejevski announced. “This partnership with Visa will give us the capacity to acquire more merchant members, and provide options with regards payment authorisation services to clients.”

With direct access to Visa in terms of product development and marketing, PayAlly is now able to offer its clients and expanded offering for e-commerce merchant acquiring.

“On top of already being a Mastercard Principal Member, having Visa in in our portfolio is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement in providing the best of everything to our clients” Andzejevski concludes.