2023 Outlook: PayAlly Pivots for Growth

January, 2023

Christmas Party 2022

PayAlly looks to the future, highlighting the business’s growth ambitions for 2023.

With the UK still grappling with inflation and the threat of recession looming, both PayAlly’s founder & CEO Rafal Andzejevski and Finance Director Robert Ford agree that businesses must “get back to normality.”

Maturing PayAlly

While PayAlly’s Finance Director is “not surprised” by the current climate, he highlights the calm assurance, expertise and experience of its people–underpinning the company culture and ways of working. According to Robert, 2021 was a “very good year.” The past 12 months have been all about professionalising the business. He explains, “There is a tremendous difference between a startup and a mature business. Getting from a startup to a mature business actually is quite difficult.” While most companies hope their talent will develop with the business, this does not necessarily always happen. Robert recalls meeting a business owner who was great at startups but struggled to mature his businesses. The business owner sold the startup to someone who could mature it.

Robert adds, “I think that’s the important bit, in the last couple of years and next few years and going forward; we’re maturing PayAlly. We’re recruiting highly experienced individuals.” The company will continue to grow its team of experts. It is now in a position where it can be more selective. He concludes, “We are now employing professional people rather than trying to do every job ourselves as we were in the beginning.”

PayAlly welcomed a new COO in the new year. These leadership positions will free its directors to think more tactically. The new senior appointments will allow the Board of Directors to concentrate on the company’s long-term strategy.

A Balancing Act

While the past two years have been important in the company’s growth and operations, PayAlly’s Founder, Rafal Andzejevski, takes a moment to reflect on some of the lessons along the way. He asserts, “Everything I achieved wasn’t because I was somehow lucky. It’s all about hard work.” However, this effort was not without sacrifice.

As a highly-driven and successful entrepreneur, Rafal balances the needs of his multiple businesses, including two others that require him to be present. His overall strategy was always to diversify industries. He notes, “I have always wanted to be in real estate, the energy sector and finance. So that’s the three sectors I’m working in right now.”

Reaching New Heights

Looking ahead to 2023, PayAlly will streamline its IT and mature its services. It increased its headcount to grow capacity and expertise by more than a hundred percent in the last year. The company is busy planning for its future growth. Rafal references the analogy of building a house before inviting guests. This is similar to PayAlly’s approach. However, the company isn’t building a house; it’s building a solid foundation to grow a skyscraper to reach new business heights.