Fully integrated payments ecosystem for small to medium e-commerce businesses and personal use

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Payment accounts

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Merchant accounts

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Prepaid cards

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Internal, local, and international payments

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Currency exchange

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Card fraud prevention

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Faster funds transfer

Shorter chain between points lessens possibility of mistakes and increases speed of operations.

Lower cost of operations

We anticipate to reduce typical e-commerce SMB' acquiring, payments and associated costs by at least 50%

3.5-5%At our ecosystem
At our ecosystem
7-10%Industry average

Strongest security

Our responsibility is to provide maximum possible security in a world, where no safety measure should be considered as too excessive.


Credit card sized, 1 mm thin digital OTP generator is used to approve client initiated transactions

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Token mobile app

Mobile MAC and OTP password generator for secure and convenient two factor authentication of client transactions

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of founders

Our founders and management have pulled their financial resources and extensive knowledge in banking, acquiring and information technology development in a mission of creating a unique payments application for the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape.

Robert John Ford

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chartered Accountant who, having spent the first half of his career in practice as a partner of a London City firm, moved into commerce and had significant success being instrumental in the development of a fixed line Telecoms Company from start-up to IPO (value in excess of $100 million). Subsequently he managed the finances of an American cellular telephone company with twelve subsidiaries before participating in several projects including sale and purchase of businesses, due diligence, compliance and directorships including that of a bank. During his career, Mr. Ford has served as an executive in insurance companies, brokers and banks, supervised by the FCA (previously FSA) and Prudential Regulation Authority. Currently, his responsibilities include directorship of an Italian design company in Milan, together with the development of PayAlly.

Rafal Andzejevski

Founder, Director, Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished entrepreneur and executive with over 11 years experience in small and medium business development. Took management over his father's business in 2008 and expanded local small production business into international manufacturer and multi-business holding. Expanded and diversified business by entering several new industries such as commodity trade, waste management, logistics, real estate and financial services. Graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia and has a degree of BSc in Economics and Business.

Maxim Ivanchenko

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Graduated with honours in aerospace engineering from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 1989. Finished a postgraduate course in industrial engineering at the Moscow State Mining Institute. His studies involved system analysis and mathematical methods in decision making in multifactor environment. Set up Canopus Software Laboratory in 1993 and made it an IT company that specializes in comprehensive core software solutions and mobile applications for banks and financial institutions. Successfully completed over 150 implementations of its software products - CANOPUS MacroBank and CANOPUS EpaySuite. Established Advapay OU, a company that offers a full range of integrated services related to setting up a payment institution businesses from scratch.